I seek to not only create architecture that is pleasing and delightful, but also functional and economical as well.  With an attention to detail and particular care towards site features and views, solar orientation, use of natural light and ventilation, color, texture, form and proportion, each project develops its own unique qualities. Construction frame-work is considered early on so that the architecture and the structure work as a unit, contributing to economics as well as continuity of design. I am constantly looking for creative new uses of both common and unusual materials, new twists on old ideas and modern applications of traditional, time honored classics.

Additionally, my goal is to provide service that is timely in response and is considerate to each of my client’s individual needs.  Listening and clearly communicating accurately and promptly is crucial in order to translate each client’s desires into a functional, cost effective, pleasing design.  I provide quality, detailed construction documents as well as additional supporting services as may be required.

I like to think of myself as a guide, assisting the client in translating and deciphering their needs, desires, emotions and goals.  Ultimately, my wish is that the design is a reflection of the client and the client’s values.  My role is to provide an escort through the myriad and maze of local issues, countless choices, many requirements, codes and budget concerns.  With the nurturing of effective client/architect relationships, I feel there is no limit to what can be achieved.

My business grew out of a love for design and construction, I sincerely hope that component shows in every aspect of my product and service.  It is my ultimate objective that each project is as unique and distinctive as our clients are individual – and that as each project evolves and develops it becomes an asset and compliment to its community and neighborhood.